Baseline Screening

The whole picture

When it comes to brain health, it’s important to get the whole picture. That’s why multimodal testing is so important.

Surveying your brain from multiple angles is like having a roadmap to its the health, especially following injury.

What Is Baseline Screening?

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Multimodal baseline testing explained

In simple terms, baseline screening provides a reference point.

At Your Brain Health we use technology to facilitate the collection of objective data; and in 15 minutes we can have information relating to:

Past concussions and related symptoms

The Vestibular-Ocular Motor System



This is known as a multimodal approach; the brain does many things, so we need to view from many angles.

Why Baseline Screen?

If an injury occurs in the future, and the markers are retested, health professionals will have  a better understanding of where the main challenges are. This is essential in making informed decisions and developing a recovery programme that is personalized and targeted.

Baseline testing also allows the chance to promote conversations and educate players, coaches and other key parties in factors that influence both physical and mental health.

And additionally, an opportunity for clubs, schools and organisations to demonstrate they are taking concussion seriously.


What should be tested?

Baseline screens are most effective if they measure a variety of brain functions so, we look at a number of common functions and systems that may be affected in a concussion. This is known as this is known as multimodal screening.

Our screening may include some of the following:

Vestibular Ocular Motor NeuroFlex® testing

Balance – Balance & postural sway tests

Cognitive – Simple Reaction time tests and NeuroFlex® test

Brain Health History pre-screen – including relevant medical history, current symptoms, mental health and sleep.

How and where?

Our staff will come to your location or, for individuals, we can test at our clinics

We will require a space that has power and enough tables & chairs for 6 -10 persons at a time. Available Wi-Fi is preferable but not essential.

A Your Brain Health physiotherapist will be present to supervise all testing.

Testing takes around 15 minutes per person, if required we can organise enough staff to test multiple people at once.

What information will it provide?

The screen provides information on current status and this is valuable as a reference point if a future concussion / head knock occurs.

On request, your results can be forwarded to your GP, club sports doctor or physiotherapist.

All data is stored securely and adheres to local privacy regulations.

What are the baseline screens?

Level 1 – (Recommended)- Brain Health History Survey, NeuroFlex Vestibular-Ocular Motor, Reaction Time, Balance

Level 2 – Brain Health History Survey, NeuroFlex Screen