The Your Brain Health BEST practice model of concussion care.

Do you understand BEST practice when it comes to concussion management?

We think we do.

That’s why we’ve come up with our BEST practice model of concussion care.

Baseline screening

We have removed time and cost limitations by designing fast and cost-effective multimodal screens that focus on key measures monitored and compared at an individual level to inform best care following a concussion.


We have developed a world class programme of three critical courses for anyone involved in concussion management. From parents and teachers through to medical practitioners wanting evidence-based updates. Knowing the most up to date developments saves lives.


We facilitate support by providing opportunities for global networking within our custom designed online community of experts. Knowledge around concussion continues to evolve rapidly from the fields of neurology, vestibular, musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation. Collaboration and sharing are key to innovation and best practice moving forward.


We are at leading the way in the selective use of the very best technological advances. From specific software, apps, virtual reality, eye-tracking, balance, movement, heart rate and cognitive testing devices, we know what people need and when.

For the eagle eyed amongst you, you’ll have spotted why we call it BEST practice. If you didn’t, have another read. It’ll be good fodder for your brain.

BEST practice. It’s not something enough people know about when it comes to concussion management.

Odd really, given that ignorance isn’t bliss, it costs lives.