We don’t like cricket, we love it!

You might not like cricket, but as the song goes, at Your Brain Health we love it!

A game that requires considerable physical characteristics, is also one where the players need to consider balance, visual and cognitive capabilities.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce a project with Middlesex Cricket that will look to enhance both player welfare and performance development across the Men’s and Women’s game.

The collaboration will incorporate two key components; education and technology.


The education will focus on a proactive approach to the management of concussion. Whilst not as big a challenge as seen in a number of sports, the development of scoop shots and the acrobatic feats that are seen in the field mean that there is a possibility. The days of rest and return are now past us, and the word rehabilitate now sits firmly at the centre of the pathway.


Pete Waxman, Head of Medical Services said of the partnership:

“Knowledge around concussion management has advanced significantly over the past few years and it is imperative that we are at the forefront of understanding and implementing a proactive approach’.


As part of the partnership, the club will also be introducing NeuroFlex; a technology that uses eye and head tracking VR technology to both evaluate and train the performance of the Vestibular Ocular Motor System – crucial for balance, visual acuity and co-ordination. The approach will be part of the club’s multimodal screening programme and, in addition to the enhanced concussion pathway, will be used to develop performance markers across both Middlesex and Sunrisers squads.


James Fleming, Head of Athletic Performance feels the technology could support performance gains:

“We have seen new research coming out of the US showing the visual differences in certain baseball players. Our role is to develop the physical skills of our players, and if visual training can be then it is something I am keen on to give us a competitive edge.”


David Bartlett of Your Brain Health commented:

“We are committed to developing a global network of clinicians who are dedicated to improving brain health. It is exciting to have formed a partnership with the Sports Science and Medical teams at Lord’s, the Home of Cricket, to be part of that community.”