Your Brain Health – Improving Standards

Your Brain Health aims to provide awareness and support around brain health

We provide a baseline screening service and building a network of like-minded health professionals who can provide an equivalent service for concussion assessment and treatments around the globe. Your Brain Health supports an ‘end to end’ solution to concussion management, with expert clinicians, state-of-the-art technology, and education/support.

Baseline Screening

With improved community awareness around the end to end management of concussion, the demand for baseline concussion screening is growing rapidly. Your Brain Health offers efficient and informative multimodal baseline screening for sporting organisations, clubs, and schools. This has already begun around Australia, with plans to expand further. These baseline tests are supported by expert clinicians who can interpret the assessments and provide information and guidance to people’s individual health professionals such as GPs to support optimal recovery in the event of a concussion.

Expert clinicians

We are currently making links with clinicians with an interest in concussion management around the world as part of a professional network. Together we can provide consistent best practice to people who suffer a concussion. In addition, we would like to promote concussion research and link these academics with clinical practitioners. Email us at if you would like to learn more.

State of the art technology is enhancing our assessments.

Your Brain Health is an authorized user of NeuroFlex®, a virtual reality and eye tracking technology used to assess vestibular-ocular function, an important part of our multimodal testing. We are also using Balance Mat to improve our balance assessments and specialised electronic hand reaction time devices. Together with our specialist clinical assessments these technologies enhance our standardised concussion tests and screens (such as the SCAT-6).


Your Brain Health provides a complete update on concussion for health professionals with application of multimodal assessments and treatments for optimal care. If you or your staff are building expertise in concussion, we have both online and face to face courses. Upon completion of the courses, you are eligible to be part of a community of practice through Your Brain Health that provides professional mentorship and support.

Community Awareness

If concussion care is to improve, everyone needs to update their knowledge. Watch this space for further developments in our online courses for parents, teachers, trainers and coaches who would like an update on concussion. Further community education is also provided via face to face or online to assist with developing concussion protocols, ‘return to learn’ and ‘return to play’ plans. For more information, contact us at

Associate Professor James McLoughlin, (Codirector Your Brain Health)